Wednesday, January 30, 2008

She's a Good Girl!

Today our Aussie pup, Molly really earned her kibble. Lauren arrived from work at the house there in Texas when she was greeted by 4 Round Rock police officers. Apparently, the door had blown open in the wind & the Brinks Home monitoring system called the Round Rock PD to our home. The officers couldn't go into the house because Molly wouldn't let anyone in her home~open door or not.(this is a dog who has no open door policy!) Molly had every intention of holding the fort down. When Lauren arrived home the men asked her to get the dog & secure her. Molly immediately came when Lauren called & sat at Lauren's feet. The police then did a thorough search of the entire house & pronounced all well & gave Molly much needed kudos. That's our Molly! What a dog.

As dogs go Molly may look like your average canine but today she's our furry heroine.

As much as we miss her here in Mexico, I know she is best there keeping hearth & home safe in Texas.


Lauren said...

Not to be forgotten, Jack was barking away in his kennel just as much as Molly, only he couldn't get loose.

Nancy said...

What a great story! That Molly is a brilliant guard dog. Good job Miss Molly and most excellent barking Mr. Jack!
I am just glad that I was not part of the story since I have already had the police at my door due to setting off the alarm at your house!

Dee said...

Ha,ha!!! I forgot about that. I guess the police did too:)

Rosemary said...

What a super canine! Bet it does your heart good knowing that the dogs are keeping your girls safe!

I'm afraid our dog would have just welcomed the officers into the house - and anyone else for that matter!