Thursday, January 10, 2008

Many hands make light work~

John Heywood made that statement we use nearly 500 years ago & it is as true today as it was then.

Several of us worked much of the morning yesterday making hundreds of meatballs & spaghetti sauce for the Casa Hogar Douglas kids. The Ex Patriot community down here in Monterrey does much to help out many of local organizations which seem to have scant funds to serve many needs. These women are extraordinary & make life South of the Border a little more like home. Have you ever made 100's of meatballs at once? Better yet, have you ever seen the joy those meatballs bring to the faces of an entire group of hungry kiddos? Yes & yes again is my answer on both of the questions. Rewarding smiles & full a full tummy for each of those kids is the full measure of a days work. Everyone seems to have a favorite meatball recipe so I won't post a recipe just now but keep in mind how you too can share joy just by spending a few extra hours volunteering to do for someone else. The rewards are endless~

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Lauren said...

And many dog mouths make short work of the meatballs :) Molly and Jack are drolling at my sides over the pictorial