Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A few more fun holiday photos~

While we were home for Christmas Katerina visited the next door neighbors & saw some kitten friends. Those Texas cats know how to celebrate in style. The whole thing is kind of new to our little Mexican import though! She just doesn't get the whole dressing up your animal thing...Molly & Jack certainly didn't get the whole Santa thing from a dog's perspective!!! I think for the pets as with kids it is all about the gifts~

A fur flying good time was had by all!

Christmas comes but once a year~ Get your hats & scarves ready Zoe & Stella, Katerina will be ready next time!


Lauren said...

wow - the cats look almost as thrilled as molly and jack in their outfits! mind you, when i went to put away the antlers for the year i think molly watched me so that she could sneak in and steal them tomorrow.

Dee said...

Don't worry, I am sure she will have them out with the trash by Friday morning!!

Nancy said...

Hey, can your dogs bark Jingle Bells? now that would be something, wouldn't it? woof woof woof!

Lauren said...

You doubt M and J's true love of the holidays? They adore Xmas, it means food, wrapping paper and everyone's favorite, lots of family to sniff!