Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mug Shots or FM3 photos?

Since moving within Mexico we had to have our FM3 visas reissued. With the reissue comes the "Re-Photo". Who looks great in those photos, ever??? I haven't liked a passport photo since I was 18 years old & a guy in Lafayette, Louisiana "re-touched" my photos at his studio because he thought things looked better touched up.

Having passport/visa photos in Mexico is a dicey situation at best. The Ex Patriots tell wild stories of having to pin all of their hair away from their faces & holding everything away from the forehead & earlobes with their hands as the cameras flash away. Apparently US citizens have ears & foreheads that really make us stand out in a crowd. The rub for me came when I already had a set of passport photos made, then handed them over to government officials, when I was told that my ears & forehead didn't show as much as they should....At somepoint I am sure these all start to look like mug shots!

I finally quit my complaining & had more photos made with the promise that no one sees that photo anyway! Well, my front facing shot was hideous (no Exhibit A on display!) and somehow the woman who took my photo failed to tell me I had a huge hunk of hair sticking out of my head. It almost doesn't matter anyway. Travel isn't what it used to be. Gone are the days when people dressed up & were excited to visit new places. Now fate seems to lie in the hands of someone with latex gloves & an X ray machine. Ah, the Good Old Days!


ClaudiaH said...

I hope it's just visas. My passport photo doesn't show my ears or (perish the thought) forehead! Would they let me in/out?

Dee said...

I think it is just visas. that is the only thing the Mexican authorities have any say about in regards to photos. Mine look really hideous!