Saturday, May 10, 2008

Flat Stanley's return to Mexico~

Flat Stanley donned a sombrero on his journey South of the Border with the "Familia Kincke"!

After a one year absence from Mexico Stanley returned ready for adventures yet again South of the Rio Grande. Good Luck with Flat Stanley as he returns to Texas, Alexa! Your Flat Stanley artistic talents were enjoyed by many here in Mexico.

Flat Stanley returned to Mexico this Spring. Not dark of night, hail, rain or lack of Internet could keep this little Super Paper Guy from visiting here South of the Border. Flat Stanley was emailed to Mexico (yep, high speed travel for Stan) by Alexa Spelbring. She sent Flat Stanley to Mexico as part of her English project from Forest Creek Elementary in Round Rock Texas. Alexa hasn't traveled to Mexico but her big sis Jessica traveled here for a visit a couple of Spring Breaks ago. Not the first time I've blogged about a Spelbring family member.

Of course some everyday things here in Mexico include "having coffee & talking about our daughters"...Starbucks Barristas are wonderful the world over! **In this unbearable heat the java better be cold of course~

Flat Stanley even took a dip in the pool here in Las Misiones. A procedure like that could've be risky had Ziploc not stepped in & saved the day.

Stanley crisscrossed 3 states in Mexico and even traveled across the border at Reynosa braving the military check points throughout Northern Mexico. Flat Stanley may not have seen all of Mexico but he did briefly live "la vida loca" here & seemed to enjoy the Arts, Culture & people of Mexico.

Flat Stanley even had a brief meeting with Eliseo our gardener about the finer points of flora & fauna in Northern Mexico. It goes without saying that Stanley seems to have a greater grasp of Espanol than I & understood the entire exchange...

I have it on very good authority that Flat Stanley's also had a brief tour in Iraq. Stanley just keeps on spreading his cheer around the world. I'm so glad Stanley could visit our troops!
Flat Stanely has certainly put the miles on his little paper passport! Hope he's earning miles with these trips. He's certainly earned his wings! So long Flat Stanley! Adios & hasta la vista, Baby~
For more information on Flat Stanley check out this site:


mendytexas said...

Your flat stanley travels amaze me!! I did that years ago with my classroom. What a fantastic journey!! LOVE LOVE your music, my friend!!! :)mendy

Dee said...

Oh, I am so glad you approve Mendy! Your music was an inspiration to me! Thanks for all of your help:)

Lauren said...

This is pretty cool - and isn't it Stanley's second cameo on the blog too?

tilegirl said...

I love the whole concept of flat Stanley! What a tiny little super guy, making his way around the world.
I did notice your quote about daughters and coffee!