Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend Storms, No Internet ~ Staying Busy South of the Border

We had wild weekend weather here which threw things off line & sent things helter skelter at our house for a few days. The long awaited rain finally arrived at the end of a week of heat. The combination of heat & rain storms from the north combined to make a wild night of weather. We had a direct hit of lightening to the house which blew out our Internet as well as phone. We had no water till mid day Saturday. The comforts we take for granted seem very important when we don't have them. During the heaviest of rain we hung close to the house, read, cooked, slept... (*avoided the crazy rain soaked drivers!!) & only ventured out Sunday afternoon to see an exhibit at the Marco, Museum of Modern Art. We viewed works by Diego Rivera, Maria Izquierdo, Frida Kahlo & others. There was also a concert at the Marco for Dia del Nino. Being performed was the well known Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf. All in all a very nice diversion from the rainy stormy weekend. It goes without saying that I was thrilled when the Telmex guys replaced our fried Internet router this morning. With a phone & online capabilities we are connected to the rest of the world once again!!!

Rain, Fog & more rain...

Brunch with a French twist~
We had eggs baked in ramekins, a recipe from James Peterson's Glorious French Food.
A nice change from the norm.
Eggs are baked @ 375, in well buttered ramekins with 1-2 Tbsp. Creme drizzled over as well as the addition of 1 Tbsp. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, grated. Bake for 10-`12 minutes, testing for firmness before serving.

Dia del Nino is a holiday which recognizes the children as a part of Mexican society, the holiday endorses well being, happiness & has been a national holiday since 1925.


gini said...

glad your "up and running" again ... nothing worse than not being connected when you want to be! All that crazy weather gave you a glorious morning though

Lauren said...

the eggs sound interesting -- a change from the usual for sure!