Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sangria, shopping & riding about like Miss Daisy!

Mexican Sangria Preparada is a cool drink for a hot day here South of the Border.
**That's half and half red wine (Concho y Toro or nice full bodied red wine) and limonada. Served in tall glasses with the limonada on the bottom and the wine on the top & garnished with lime. In Mexico it's always served with a straw. When the two beverages meet, the limonada is cold & the wine is room temp the demarcation in the glass is obvious. A very pretty drink & one which hits the spot in the Mexican heat!

Lori found some wonderful Mexican artesanias to take back home.

At some point I'm quite certain that our driver Roberto wondered if he had been saddled with the Jessica Tandy character from "Driving Miss Daisy"?? He never complained but I know our schedule & frequent stops for coffee, shopping & other such breaks made him wonder if all American women were like us?

As always, a good time had by all when visiting with one of the Chicas! Like all good things, it had to end! Till next time, mi amiga!


Lauren said...

Looks like it was lots of fun....hopefully your good times will continue north of the border this weekend!

Dee said...

I know they will~can't wait!!!!! Sand, sun & waves~woohoo!

Sandra Evertson said...

Terrific blog!
Sandra Evertson