Sunday, November 11, 2007

Diabolitos & Dangerous Roadways

After a late night at the Friday wedding, John's week of meetings & my week of visiting we headed back to Monterrey on Saturday afternoon. Our trip was thankfully pretty uneventful but I did happen to capture a "Diabolito", one of the small desert dust cyclones of which there are many in Coahuila. I also had my camera ready as we headed into the hairpin turns of the mountain pass between Saltillo & Monterrey. I was told my a local recently that it is rightfully called "The dead man's slope" or "cuesta de los muertos". The sign alone really says enough... I guess the sign is cheaper than building a better,straighter road to begin with. The many roadside shrines are a testament to the danger & constant conditions which put the traveler in peril. I guess that is Mexico danger, devotion & unpredictable~all rolled into one!


carlacares said...

Wow I can actually leave a note.
I think that all of the countries south of the border have serious road issues whenever there are mountains involved. There are a few similar spots in the States in the Rockies and Sierras but in general they don't go on for what can be or seems like hundreds of miles. Probably not quite as narrow either most of the time.
Conduces con quidado

Yolanda said...

How every did you end up in Mexico?do you enjoy it there better than TX?

Lauren said...

and here i was thinking a diablolito involved cheese, bacon, jalapenos and shrimp! :)

Dee said...

Yolanda, We are here on a job transfer for a couple of years.
Yes, Lauren! Diabolitos means little devils & those tasty shrimp can be a little on the devilish side if they are too spicy!