Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Desierto puebla de Agosto 28

Driving to Coahuila yesterday we drive through a small roadside town in the desert named for the patron saint day of Saint Augustine~August 28th. Some spots on the highway in Northern Mexico are little more than wide spots in the road. This small town had a few vendors serving the needs of travelers & many homes are painted in vivid colors keeping the dust from making the bleak landscape totally brown.

Like a mirage in the desert the Giant 6 Pack beckons drivers onward...well, that & the 25 speed bumps leading into town~


Nancy said...

I believe that St. Augustine Florida may be oneof the oldest towns in the US? Wait here, I'll go look....yes, it is true, look here
St. Augustine

Nancy said...

Okay, that link did not work, I will try again!
click here

Lauren said...

hey, there are plenty of frat boys who would see your "mirage" in the desert of a six pack of beer and would stop cold!

Dee said...

ha, I am sure you are right.