Friday, June 13, 2008

The little shop of Repujado!

Picking up a few new skills!

This week in Torreon I went with Ro & Joan to the Repujado studio & worked on the Mexican metal craft called Repujado. This art form dates at least back to the 12th Century. Called repujado in Spanish and repoussé in French. Repujado is the craft of pushing, working or making a relief in metal. The metal elements differ but the process is exactly the same. We worked the metal images in a series of steps, then had the back of the relief filled with resin. Once it dried we glazed the pieces to give the luster & tone to the metal we desired. Once finished it is mounted on wood, framed, or often times on boxes of some type. I have a much larger project I am still working on...give me another day, week or month! Long range projects don't ever seem to be a problem here South of the Border, after all this is Mexico. So, I'm quite willing to take the "manana" approach to these long range projects. Somethings are okay to drag out, especially if enjoyable.

Ricardo & his wife Alejandra own the Ricale Arte Manual on La Rosita in Torreon. They are some of the most fabulous people I've had the pleasure to meet. They introduced me to what seemed like the whole family & made the whole experience an absolute joy!

Rosemary was quite busy with her hammer & punch. It's a great form of therapy! Think of the money we'd all save if we picked up a hammer or paintbrush to work those frustrations out~


Lauren said...

Can't wait to see what you made!

Pattie T. said...

Cool! What a neat way to spend the day. I would love to do something like this.

Dee said...

Lauren~you will see soon enough!
Pattie, it is a wonderful way to relax & kick back!

Charlie & Jenn said...

Does the Ricale Arte Manual workshop have a Website, email or phone number so that I could talk to them about a project? - Thanks, Jenn

lyty said...

Hi, I'm in Vietnam and I'm doing Repujado too. Good to know there's a lot of people like to do this