Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yes, Virginia...there is Cold Weather in Mexico at Chrismas!

We are in Torreon for a few days & I am bundling up to keep warm. I am putting on layers of extra clothing. I met Carolyn in the hotel lobby yesterday here at the Marriott Hotel amid the loudly playing Chrismas tunes & holiday decor. Music: too loud, Decorations: nice but quite different from home. While I was waiting for her I was blasted by cold air each time the door opened into the Lobby. I didn't bring nearly enough warm clothing for our little road trip to Torreon. I am feeling the "South of the Border Chill". The cold takes a while to get down here but it has cooled down considerably. Not chill by Alaska or Chicago standards but cold for my thinning blood....Brrrrr!!! (It was in the 30's yesterday morning, go ahead laugh but I am chilled to the bone here) Last night I actually ordered warm milk for a night cap~I am always willing to try something new when I am chilled to the bone & not at home:)


Gypsy said...

I won't laugh at you ... it was 40 here and I was frozen to the bone!



Dee said...

Ha, ha! I guess everyone is experiencing a cool down right now. Brrrr. I guess I am more a warm weather person since I just don't do cold all that well.

Lauren said...

where are you in this photo? it doesn't look like the house in monterrey

Dee said...

The hotel we call home when we are in Torren! Marriott! They think we are family there! ha, ha!