Friday, December 7, 2007

Nacimiento~that's Nativity for the Gringos!

These pieces are all made by hand & have a very Latin Characteristics to each piece.

*The biggest question many people have is why the devil in a manger scene? Historically nativities were used by Spanish priests to teach Biblical parables, stories as well as principals. The devil is there to show that evil in the world is always trying to fight against good. I thought it was strange but it made sense for me to get a little "diablo" for my nacimiento if I am going to have a very typical set. Last year in Coahuila I saw several devil figures holding items representing the 7 deadly sins! There was even one with a hotdog he was roasting on his pitchfork!!!! Hmmm, with certain members of my family hotdogs are a deadly sin...(Okay~a little dark humor at Christmas time, but seriously I saw a few of those.)

I just adore the girl with the pineapples, the family of pigs as well as the colored snake on top of the stone well. I will never find these pieces or symbols which are so typical of Mexico once I leave. I intend to continue to add to this set as I can. As Jackie is visiting next week & I am hoping to take her to a Mercado de Navidad. Typically that type of market has only Pine trees, Mangers, pinatas, ornaments & pieces & inexpensive images for the nacimientos. It is a very cool South of the Border experience~Also a very good place to stroll & have a nice mug of hot Mexican cocoa:)

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Gypsy said...

I TOTALLY have one of the 7 deadly sins going...LUST! I so lust after that set! Oh how I would give any thing to have a set like that!

I think it is totally appropriate to have the devil there! AND boy would I love devils portraying the 7 deadly sins! Awesome!

Some day...I have to get to Mexico!

My grandmother raised us AMERICAN she even refused to speak Spanish to us...well all of us but the two or three older kids! She had 10 and raised me too! Yikes!