Friday, November 28, 2008

Brussels Sprout fit for one Grande Bird!

Brussels Sprout flavored with Chardonnay & Bacon just might become my new favorite~
While recently shopping for our family Thanksgiving dinner I stayed focused on my shopping list at the grocery store. Truly not always an easy task given my penchant for locating those hard to find items each trip we return from Mexico to our home in Texas. Holiday meal planning has grown less stressful during the last few years since I have daughters of an age who will takeover & share the big meal preps with me in the kitchen. (Fabulous really!!) I am truly amazed how our holiday meals fall into place as my girls give input & ideas for our meal. In the past I would feel overwhelmed & compelled to have all of the ultra traditional side dishes. I have finally figured out that each holiday becomes a new tradition as we morph dishes to suit our needs & local available produce. Truth be told the favorite dishes which are enjoyed the most are that which are the most simple with the freshest ingredients. Frankly, who needs to fret over each dish? This is not the first time we have had Brussels Sprout for a holiday meal but certainly a new spin on an old favorite. The flavor of the Sprouts seemed a perfect side for our Turkey. What you probably didn't know about Brussels Sprout...other than correct spelling of these green delights?

Chardonnay & Bacon Brussels Sprout
1 Stalk Brussels Sprout (not on stalk, 2-2 1/2 lb)
1/2 lb. mesquite smoked, thick cut bacon
8 oz. Chardonnay Wine
1/2 med. Yellow Spanish Onion, diced
pepper & salt to taste

Remove Brussels Sprout from stalk with sharp twisting motion. Trim any excess stem at the bottom of each Brussels Sprout head. Cut the Brussels Sprout into quarters, rinse.
Cook bacon until almost crisp, add onion & continue to saute. Scrape pan to remove any bacon from the bottom & sides of pan, place the Brussels Sprout in pan with bacon, onion & saute for 15 minutes. Pour wine over the Brussels Sprout, continue to cook till tender crisp. Add Salt & Pepper to taste. Serve immediately. Serves 8-10.


Reeni said...

I'm not a big fan of brussels sprout but I think if I made them your way I would be. What a fantastic recipe!

Hornsfan said...

These are great - besides, what food isn't better with bacon?

DCRose said...

Hi Dee,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I really like yours.

The white icing is buttercream.
I am glad you like my designs.

Do you want to exchange link? My husband loves southwest cooking.

Chef E said...

I love everyones pictures, I will try and get mine to turn out so nice... I have been wanting to make brussel sprouts, and love how they grow. I actually loved them growing up with cheese on them!

Dee said...

DCRose~sounds great. I'll follow & likewise.
ChefE~that does sound good.

Nofresa said...

Hey there! I love your pictures, and I can almost smell the food from your descriptions. Looks like fun was had by all. When are you coming home?

~Dana said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your style, and the food looks fabulous!

CarolinaBlonde said...

Look at those BEAUTIFUL brussel sprouts!!!! I want to come visit.

Jenious said...

Great flavor combo!
~Jen aka